Going Places I Bea Arboleda

Going Places I Bea Arboleda


Happy new year, SS Readers!
Another year has begun which means everyone gets another fresh start. This 2018, we are all blessed with new opportunities to grab and chances to take. For some, they'll finally be getting that dream car they've been wanting or that necklace they've been saving up for. Others are planning more exciting trips with friends and family, while some others are working even harder to develop their best skills and talents.

Whatever we choose to do, we're all going places.
I also have some personal goals that I have set for myself this year. Most of them are related to college and improving relationships with other people, but one thing I want to commit to is to set time to exploring every little bit of this planet we live in. I want to travel and discover more - both accidentally and on purpose - to add more to my list of experiences and of course, awareness! :)
Luckily, I have my trusty pair of Butterfly Twists flats to accompany me on some of my not-so-walk-friendly journeys! I featured one of their classic pairs in a previous post on the blog, but I can't help but rave about how good they are on this one too! <3

Take a look at some photos I grabbed during my quick visit to BGC!

Here is a close up photo of the Holly in Slate (Php2,599). This silver shade just looked so classy and easy to style with any casual outfit. I just paired my jeans with my Twists and it instantly gave the outfit a style boost! :) I also find the shape of the tip very elegant but edgy at the same time. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Butterfly Twists have undeniably pretty pieces, but not a lot of people know that their flats come with a lot of comfort too. I can walk for hours, be goofy, and still go home with unwounded heels. My Holly pair definitely had my back (and feet)!

I would surely recommend Butterfly Twists to all the travelers out there! Their flats are light, comfortable and very easy to pack.

On nights out, you can also keep your Twists folded and stored safely inside your bag. Each pair comes with a little black pouch where you can place your flats in to keep the soles from touching other items in your purse.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did! <3 Once again, happy new year to all my readers and I wish you all a blessed 2018! <3


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