Shoe Care

At Butterfly Twists, we create products with best quality materials, patented and flexible. Whether you’re using our shoes on streets or at parties, we want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

However, some components of the shoes may react to temperature conditions over time.

To protect your shoes, here are some tips:

  1. Store in a room temperature with 24 – 28 degree Celsius.
  2. Keep away from moisture and exposure to water or heat.
  3. Do not wash or soak in water.
  4. Simply wipe the shoes with damp cloth or microfiber cloth to remove simple dirt spots.
  5. Use it as often as you can.  Storing in a box or cabinet will constitute moisture making the materials less stable.
  6. It is recommended to use ballerina socks to protect the inner sole from absorbing moisture especially in tropical countries.